Military life places unique challenges on relationships. Get tips and advice on making friends across the ranks, how to handle the in-laws and solo parenting while your spouse is deployed. Is the relationship with your spouse strained? Find help and resources for a troubled marriage.

Building a Positive Relationship With Your Spouse

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You've both got jobs to do, a household to run, and maybe even children to raise. So the time you spend alone together is limited. How can busy spouses, especially those dealing with a military lif...

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Ms. Vicki

Is Lesbian Sex Adultery?

A woman asks if it's wrong for a military wife to try lesbian sex while her husband is deployed.


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Keeping Your Guard/Reserve Marriage Strong

One of the greatest stresses on a military marriage is deployment, and when you’re “suddenly military” – ie. active orders are delivered to a Guard or Reserve member for deployment – the potential ...  more

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Dual Military Marriages Soldier Through Deployments

In today's military, there are a growing number of dual military couples where both spouses serve, leading to some unique challenges and hardships during deployments.


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Choosing Age Appropriate Child Care

Choosing child care that's right for your child -- and your child's age and temperament -- is very important and can be difficult. You have to be clear about the most important values and beliefs y...  more

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