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Rachel Brenke

Real Spouse Employment: What Do You Do?

Nearly half of all military spouses are employed, but what exactly do they do? This series allows them to answer for themselves.

Melanie Ness White

Real Spouse Employment: Surgical Nurse

A surgical nurse describes the hardships PCSing has posed for her career -- but also the satisfactions of military life.

Laura McVeigh and her husband

Real Spouse Employment: Youth Librarian

Many spouses arrive at a military installation fresh with a college degree in hand and a wedding ring. And little else.

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Back To School Mommy: 5 Lifehacks for Your Military Family

When Mommy (or Daddy) goes back to school in a military family, all hell can break loose at home.  It is a Law of Nature, people. In order to add big things to family life, something’s gotta give. You as a student need time to go to class if you are going to a bricks ... Continue Reading

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