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Send Valentines to Veterans

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DALLAS -- Army & Air Force Exchange Service shoppers can show their appreciation to military servicemembers who came before them by sending free valentines through their local exchange now through Feb. 6th.

Now in its second year, “Valentines for Veterans” is an annual Exchange campaign to send greetings to local Veterans Affairs hospitals, Fisher House locations and military retirement facilities.

“Our shoppers include many veterans and their families who know what it means to serve, and understand how nice it is to be remembered,” said Exchange Chief of Staff Col. Thomas Ockenfels. “ ‘Valentines for Veterans’ is an opportunity for our patrons to reach out to those who’ve already served and send their greetings.”

To send free Valentine’s Day cards, shoppers can simply stop by participating exchange facilities through Feb. 6th and fill out cards provided, or bring their own cards to drop off. The exchange will arrange for delivery to local veterans on or before Valentine’s Day.

Former Air Force servicemember Ray Lamy, who currently is the Exchange HQs Military Outreach coordinator, said, “The veterans we delivered to in 2011 really appreciated all the Valentines greetings. Everyone loves to be remembered.”

Exchange shoppers can learn more by contacting their local Main Exchange and asking about “Valentines for Veterans.” Supporters can visit shopmyexchange.com’s “Exchange Stores” link to find their closest Exchange location.

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