Founded in 1999, Blue Nile has grown to become the largest online retailer of certified diamonds and fine jewelry. Internet Retailer Magazine reports Blue Nile is bigger than the next three largest online jewelers combined.

The company is built on a unique idea: choosing an engagement ring doesn't have to be complicated. Diamonds can be simple to understand. Making the right choice can be easy. This unique approach and reputation for excellence has gained notice from publications such as Forbes, The New York Times, and Money.

Wedding Day Gift Guide

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This is your celebration, and there are many details all wrapped up into a few memorable hours. From selecting your wedding rings to bridesmaids’ gifts, here's a guide that simplifies your wedding day details.

Worn for countless years to come, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Begin by creating a budget for your rings and start your search at least a month or two prior to your wedding.

For the bride, a unique ring combination may be the choice or matching the engagement ring may be her preferred combination. For the groom, find a wedding band that fits his personal style or take a cue from her ring set. Be sure to measure your fingers at different times during the day to get an exact measurement.

Women's Wedding Rings

Creative to classic, your choice of wedding ring can be very personal, an enduring reminder of the day you say, “I do.” From diamond-accented, hand-carved, gemstone-accented or a polished precious metal band, the choices are all beautifully-sculpted. In addition, prong setting allows more light into the diamond for maximum brilliance. A channel setting protects diamonds from abrasions and offers a smoother look. A three-stone diamond ring represents your past, present, and future together.

Men's Wedding Rings

For strength in style, your choice of wedding band is skillfully-crafted in platinum, tungsten carbide, gold, palladium or sterling silver. Whether brushed for interest or polished to perfection, there are more styles than ever in men’s rings.

The Best Gifts for Every Role

Bridesmaid Gifts

Give your best maids gifts a picture-perfect ensemble or select something unique to match each woman’s style. From sterling silver to pearl necklaces, these are great options because they are available in different lengths. Stud earrings are always a great fit for everyone. From formal pearls to charm bracelets that tell her story, there's a bracelet for every style.

Groomsmen Gifts

For their honorary roles, choose a dapper gift for each of your groomsmen. Cuff links are ideal for the big day, or find a money clip for their everyday style. Either way, your gift will endure.

blue nile wedding blue diamond necklaceSomething Blue for the Bride

Give her something blue that sparkles and shines. Blue topaz, aquamarine, and sapphire jewelry captures every hue from just-a-hint to rich in color. Options can include dangle earrings, a gemstone bracelet to a diamond-accented necklace. Every piece is sure to make her day unforgettable.