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Five Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Market

The troubled housing market has made it very difficult for homeowners to sell their property. Some civilian homeowners have the option of taking their home off the market and waiting out the downturn until the market improves. But, if you're a military family, and you find that you have to move because of PCS orders, you need all the help you can get sell your home.

If you're ready to move, you may need to make improvements that will increase your home's value and make it stand out to potential buyers. Brad Staggs, a licensed contractor and expert featured on the DIY network, has five tips to prepare your residence for home buying season:

1. Moulding: "It's amazing the difference a little bit of decorative wood moulding can make," says Stagg in company-issued press release. "Frame out a picture window, add deep crown moulding to a high ceiling, even a simple chair rail in a guest bathroom changes the entire look of a room."

2. Front porch first impressions: Your front porch is often the first thing a potential homebuyer will see. According to Staggs, it should be in perfect shape. "Add a fresh coat of paint to brighten the front of your house. Nice, wooden Adirondack-style chairs are welcoming, especially when you add bright flowers in colorful pots."

3. Look behind you: Outdoor living spaces grow in popularity each year. "Spend a few weekends dressing up your backyard before everything blooms," suggests Staggs.

4. Floor them: Nothing says, "welcome home" like the feel of smooth, wood floors. Wood floors enhance any decorating style and inspire homeowners to explore your home.

5. Add a visual surprise: "Find something cool to add to a room in your home, a little visual pop no one will expect," say Staggs. "Like adding beadboard panels to a kitchen island, then painting it a funky accent color."

If your going to make these improvement try to buy natural, sustainable materials, such as real wood for your floors and crown moulding. Several home improvement stores will carry these items to help you make your home stand out to prospective home buyers.

For more information about selling your home or making home improvements, visit's Home Buying Channel.

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