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News Archives for Jun 18, 2014

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  • dempsey helmet 600x400
    Dempsey: Too Soon for US Air Strikes in Iraq
    Martin Dempsey says the situation on the ground in Iraq is too muddled to permit U.S. airstrikes against ISIS extremists.
  • Soldier smokes a cigarette.
    Senators Push To End Military Tobacco Discounts
    Two senators urged Defense Secretary Hagel to end the 5 percent discount on tobacco product sales at military facilities.
  • Two maintainers work on a missile while it sits erect in its capsule. Malmstrom's first flight of Minute-man missiles went on alert Oct. 26, 1962. (U.S. Air Force/courtesy photo)
    Air Force to Introduce New Bonuses for Nuke Force
    The USAF plans to introduce new bonuses and other incentives for airmen in the nuclear workforce, the service's top civilian said.
  • Marine Super stallion
    Helo Damaged after Hard Landing in Afghanistan
    An aircraft operating in Afghanistan recently had a hard landing, reportedly hitting the ground with enough force to crack the ...
  • ukraine troops truck 600x400
    Ukraine's President Offers Cease-Fire in East
    Ukraine's new president on Wednesday promised a unilateral cease-fire as a start toward ending the fighting that has wracked th...