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Assad Recently Used Chemical Weapons, Israel Says

The Assad regime used a non-lethal chemical weapon on rebel fighters Mar. 27, an Israeli security source said Monday.

The chemical "neutralizes but does not kill," and the New York-based website Syria Deeply cited the comments by the Syrian American Medical society, whose doctors traveling in and out of Syria said 25 people were injured.

The incident occurred at Harasta, a Damascus suburb, and some reports suggested four people were killed, the Jerusalem Post said Monday, adding Syrian opposition forces claim a second alleged attack of chemical weapons occurred several days later in the same location.

"Symptoms suffered by patients included hallucinations, accelerated pulse, trouble breathing and in some case, suffocation," the medical group said.

Syria has destroyed the majority of its chemical weapons production centers, and its chemical weapons are in the process of being removed and destroyed at sea. Prior to its disarmament program, Syria had the world's largest stockpile of mustard gas and toxic nerve agents VX and Sarin.

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