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Fort Carson Colonel Cleared, Headed to Afghanistan

A Fort Carson commander has been cleared of wrongdoing and is headed to Afghanistan to lead the 4th Brigade Combat Team in Kandahar.

Col. Brian Pearl was suspended from his duties during an investigation that post officials would not provide details on. Sources within the unit said the probe looked into comments allegedly made by Pearl.

"The investigation involving the 4th Infantry Brigade Combat Team is complete," Fort Carson said in a statement released Tuesday. "Allegations of Army policy violations have been thoroughly investigated and declared unsubstantiated. The suspension imposed upon the brigade commander during the conduct of the investigation has been lifted. Col. Brian Pearl has resumed his duties as commander of 4th Brigade and is preparing for deployment to Afghanistan."

In Pearl's absence, the brigade headed overseas, holding a farewell ceremony at the post last week without him. Pearl's deputy, Lt. Col. Daniel Kirk, was in charge during the probe.

Pearl's brigade of 3,500 soldiers will be one of the final American combat units in Afghanistan. Its soldiers are set to train Afghans, provide security and oversee the removal of American equipment before the Dec. 31 pull-out.

Pearl, who has worked to train the soldiers for the deployment for the past year, is a veteran of Afghanistan combat.

In 2009, He led a 4th brigade infantry battalion in battles against Taliban fighters in eastern Afghanistan.

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