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Airman Sentenced for Raping Deployed Airman's Wife

An airman at Grand Forks Air Force Base was sentenced Monday to 34 years in prison for raping the wife of a fellow airman who was deployed this past summer, the base said Thursday.

Senior Airman Jory Hodge pleaded guilty at his court martial to all charges, including rape by threat of fear, forcible sodomy, assault consummated by a battery, burglary and communicating a threat, according to a news release from the base.

As part of a plea deal, he must serve a maximum of 20 years and register as a sex offender, according to Air Force Public Affairs. The maximum prison sentence for rape is life without parole.

"The victim's husband said he was devastated by the fact that his wife was attacked while he was deployed," the base said. "He said he believed the safest place for his family would be a military base where his fellow airman could look out for them.

"The victim said she's still trying to deal with the impact of the attack, which affected her relationship with her husband and caused her to question her faith."

Witnesses said Hodge attended a party at a home on base on Aug. 9 and, though he appeared drunk, it was not serious enough to cause concern among others at the party, according to the base.

Driving home early the next morning, he stopped at the home of the victim, knowing her husband was deployed. He told the court Monday that he intended to have sex with her even "without her consent," the base said.

The victim testified that she thought she was having a nightmare when she saw a shadowy figure standing above her in her bedroom. Hodge began to punch her as she begged him to stop, the base said.

The victim called for help after Hodge left. The base said investigators identified him as the suspect within days and DNA evidence showed he was the attacker.

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