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Reduce Administrative Distractions Site Launches

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FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md -- The Chief of Naval Operations' Reduce Administrative Distractions (RAD) Team website launched July 1, and the effort is underway to get direct input from Sailors on how the Fleet can streamline or eliminate administrative processes to allow more time to focus on mission readiness.
The interactive RAD website provides all ranks, active, Reserve and Navy civilians with a platform to voice their concerns about administrative tasks, procedures, instructions and training, and propose solutions to fix these issues. It will function much like a social media interface, allowing users to comment and vote on posts.

The collected data can be analyzed by many different variables, from what is bothering commanding officers to what junior Sailors are concerned with.

The site has generated several responses on a wide variety of topics including anti-terrorism force protection, quality assurance, Navy Knowledge Online and electronic routing. IdeaScale rewards users with merit badges based on their activity on the site.
Data collection via the RAD website is phase one of the multi-phase approach to streamline or eliminate administrative processes in the fleet and is slated for completion July 31. In phase two, the collected data will be analyzed and the team will make proposals to the "owner" of the administrative program for automation, elimination, reduction or other action by August 30. Phase three will be the action phase, allowing execution of the reduction measures and will wrap up Sept. 30.
Upon completion of the three phases, the program will promulgate the progress to date, monitor the impact and plan for the next cycle.

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