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News Archives for Dec 28, 2012

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  • Faulklands 'Worst Moment' of Thatcher's Life
    LONDON - She called it, simply, the worst moment of her life. It came in March 1982 during the days before the Falklands War, ...
  • US Vacates Embassy in Central Africa
    The U.S. Embassy in the Central African Republic was shut down Friday after the U.S. ambassador and about 40 others fled as reb...
  • Afghan Air Force Snubs Two Women Pilots
    Officials said the Afghan Air Force is ignoring two Afghan women who have returned to Afghanistan after training to fly helicop...
  • Command Faces Challenges with Afghanistan Exit
    Months after the war in Iraq ended, Fort Bragg soldiers in Kuwait were still working on sending the last of the military equipm...
  • Afghan Cargo Plane
    US Scraps Afghan Cargo Plane Fleet
    The U.S. military is scrapping the Afghan Air Force's entire fleet of Italian-made cargo planes.