Federal On-the-Job Training

The Employment of Veterans in the Federal Government executive order is designed to enhance recruitment and promote employment opportunities for Veterans within the executive branch.

The Department of Veterans Affairs VetSuccess program provides eligible Veterans an opportunity to obtain training and practical hands-on experience concurrently through the On-the-Job Training program.  A Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor or Employment Coordinator closely monitors each veteran's progress to ensure goals are met. Since veterans are hired by participating employers at the on-set of an OJT program, employment is expected to continue following successful completion of the OJT program.  The VRC and/or EC facilitate the process by identifying suitable placements and coordinating efforts between all parties.

Benefits for Veterans

  • Immediate income and benefits as an employee.
  • Valuable skills are learned in a practical setting that meet the Federal Agency's specifications.
  • Salary is supplemented by VA subsistence allowance, so Veterans receive journeyman wages from the start (up to $478.73 in monthly subsistence allowance without dependents as allowed for Federal OJT -- based on October 1, 2009 rates).  
  • Permanent employment following successful completion of the OJT program.
  • One-on-one support from a VRC or EC to assist with training or work related needs.

Benefits to the Federal Agency

  • Hire qualified Veterans trained to the Federal Agency's specifications.
  • Hire a trainee at an apprenticeship wage.
  • VA provides the necessary tools, equipment, uniforms and other supplies.
  • Appropriate accommodations are made based on individual needs.
  • Minimal paperwork is required of the Federal Agency.
  • The Federal Agency has VA support during training and placement follow-up phase to assist with work or training related needs.

Steps to Setting up a Federal OJT Program

  • The Federal Agency, with assistance from the VRC or EC, identifies specific job objectives to be accomplished by the Veteran
  • The Federal Agency indicates the length of time it should take the Veteran to accomplish each objective 
  • The Federal Agency specifies the wage schedule paid to the Veteran during the OJT
  • The Federal Agency signs VA Form 22-8794, Designation of Certifying Officials. 
  • The employer lists staff who he/she authorizes to sign any documents relating to the OJT program.
  • The Federal Agency signs a Veterans Administration Statement of Assurance of Compliance with Equal Opportunity Laws VA Form 27-8206

The Federal OJT program is beneficial to both Veterans and Federal Agencies.  These programs enhance employment opportunities for Veterans.

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