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Border Jobs for Veterans Act

H.R. 2835

TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy Instructions

Steps to Filling Your TRICARE TMOP Prescription

Step 1: Register to use the TMOP.
The first time you use the TMOP you must fill out a TMOP mail-order registration form and send it to Express Scripts, the TMOP contractor, along with your prescription and co-payment.  You must complete this form only one time, unless your health condition changes.  If you have registered at TMOP online recently or mailed a registration form, you do not need to re-register. 

There are three ways to register:

1. Call Express Scripts:

  • Worldwide: 1-866-363-8667 or 1-866-275-4732; or
  • TDD (for the deaf and hard of hearing): 1-877-540-6261.

    You may also access a registered pharmacist who is available to answer questions about your prescription at any time by calling one of the above toll-free numbers.

2. Online at the Express Scripts website.

3. By using the Express Scripts app

Step 2:
Ask your provider to write a prescription for up to a 90-day supply with up to three refills, if possible.

If you must begin a prescription medication right away, ask your provider to write two separate prescriptions for the same medication:

A one-month supply for you to fill immediately at a local retail network pharmacy; and a long-term supply for you to fill through the TMOP.

Note: While you wait for your mail-order shipment, begin taking the medication you obtained from the local retail network pharmacy.

You may refer to the TRICARE pharmacy plan website to confirm the formulary status of your medication and to check the co-payment amounts due before sending your prescriptions and co-payment.

Step 3:
Have your provider fax the prescription to Express Scripts or mail or fax it yourself.   

You may pay by check or money order, if mailing your prescription. If using the app or website you can pay with credit/debit card. You do not have to pay shipping or handling. 

Note: If you are on active duty there are no co-pays to use the TMOP.

Step 4:
Allow about 14 days from the day Express Scripts receives your initial prescription to the time your medication arrives at your door. 

TMOP Requirements for Beneficiaries Living Overseas
The TMOP cannot mail prescriptions to any private foreign address. If you reside overseas, you must meet the following requirements to receive mail-order delivery:

  • Have an APO/FPO address;
    • If you are assigned to an official U.S. embassy and do not have an APO/FPO address, you may use the official embassy address to get a prescription; and 
  • Request that a U.S. licensed provider write your prescription.

Note:  The TMOP will not ship refrigerated medications to any APO/FPO address. If you require refrigerated medication, talk to your licensed overseas provider about alternatives.


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