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TRICARE Beneficiary Web Enrollment

The Beneficiary Web Enrollment website allows beneficiaries living in the United States to manage their TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Prime Remote enrollments online, update personal information in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) or add/update information regarding other health insurance.
Anyone can access the site to update personal information (i.e. home address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) or update other health insurance information.

When personal contact information is updated through the Beneficiary Web Enrollment Web site, the information is updated in DEERS and with your regional contractor (North, South and West regions).

Additionally, beneficiaries enrolled (or enrolling) in TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Prime Remote can:

  • Initiate new enrollments
  • Make initial enrollment fee payments (if applicable).
    • Ongoing payments are billed separately by your regional contractor.
  • Transfer enrollments within a region or to another region (in the United States only).
    • Active duty service members should contact their new military treatment facility to determine whether to enroll via the Beneficiary Web Enrollment Web site or during in processing.
  • Change primary care managers (PCMs)

Note: Only active duty service members enrolled in TRICARE Prime Remote may change their PCM via the Beneficiary Web Enrollment Web site.

  • Convert active duty enrollment to a retiree enrollment up to 90 days before the retirement date
    • Retirement date be established in DEERS.
  • Request a new enrollment card
  • View enrollment information
  • Disenroll

Note: Active duty service members may not disenroll from TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Prime Remote.
Accessing TRICARE Beneficiary Web Enrollment
You can log on with one of the following three ways: 

Things to Remember When Enrolling Online:

  • When you enroll in TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Prime Remote via the Beneficiary Web Enrollment website you are only completing the enrollment process. Other rules for enrollment still apply.
  • The Beneficiary Web Enrollment Web site is not available to beneficiaries in overseas areas.
  • The same enrollment deadlines apply based on your beneficiary category.
  • Select a PCM within the 30-minute drive time access standard, or understand that you have waived your right to a PCM within 30 minutes of your home The Beneficiary Web Enrollment Web site cannot determine the drive time. Your regional contractor will apply a blanket waiver if the PCM you choose is more then 30 minutes from your home.
  • You should not seek care until you receive an enrollment card or PCM change letter in the mail. Enrollments and PCM changes are pending until approved, which may take up to six calendar days.
  • You may cancel any enrollment or PCM change online but the request must be entered within 48 hours of initiating the enrollment or PCM change.
  • Print a copy of the enrollment confirmation for personal records.
  • You may view your enrollment status at any time by logging into the Beneficiary Web Enrollment website.

For More Information or Assistance
For technical assistance when using the Beneficiary Web Enrollment Web site, call the Defense Manpower Data Center at 1-800-477-8227.  For questions about enrollment processing, contact your regional TRICARE contractor.

For general information about TRICARE, call one of the many toll-free TRICARE information lines found at the TRICARE Contact Us web page.

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