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    TRICARE Benefits Overview
    Do you understand your TRICARE benefits? Find the TRICARE coverage plan that best suits your family's needs.
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    Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)
    DEERS is a computerized database of military sponsors, families and others worldwide who are entitled to TRICARE benefits.
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    TRICARE for Life
    If you have Medicare part A & B, TRICARE for life can pay your Medicare copay.
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    The TRICARE Prime Program
    TRICARE Prime is a managed service healthcare program for servicemembers, reservists, dependents, and some retirees.
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    TRICARE for Retirees
    TRICARE For Life (TFL) is a Medicare wraparound coverage for TRICARE beneficiaries who have Medicare Parts A and B.

TRICARE Prime Remote Overview

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TRICARE Prime Remote provides healthcare coverage through civilian providers for those U.S. Uniformed Service Members, activated guard & reserve members, retirees, and families on remote assignment.  You must live AND work more than 50 miles or approximately one hour's drive time from the nearest Military Treatment Facility. TRICARE Prime Remote is offered in the 50 United States only.

TRICARE Prime Remote meets the requirements of minimum essential coverage for the Affordable Care Act. 

Permanently assigned active duty members and their families

  • Members must live AND work more than 50 miles or approximately one hour's drive time from the nearest MTF.
  • Active duty family members are eligible to enroll in  if they reside with their sponsor in a TPR location and the sponsor is eligible for TPR. The Service member must be eligible for TPR for family members to be eligible.

Guard/Reserve members and their families:

  • Guard/Reserve members are eligible for TPR if activated for more than 30 consecutive days. Members must live AND work more than 50 miles or approximately one hour's drive time from the nearest MTF. It is key that you properly register your residence address in DEERS!
  • Guard/Reserve family members' eligibility  requires that they and the Service member "reside with" one another in a TPR ZIP code. If  the sponser is deployed, the family member remain eligible unless they move.

How it Works

You have an assigned primary care manager (PCM) who provides most of your care. Your PCM will see you first for your health care needs. The PCM:

  • Provides and/or coordinates your care
  • Maintains your health records
  • Refers you to specialists, if necessary
  • Works with your regional contractor for referrals/authorization
  • Helps you find a TRICARE network specialist
  • Files your claims with TRICARE


You pay no enrollment fees or out-of-pocket costs as long as your care is provided by your PCM or with a referral.  Care received without a referral is subject to a point-of-service fee. 

How to Enroll

For information on how to enroll see the TRICARE Prime website

There are no enrollment fees for TRICARE Prime Reserve, there are also no 

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