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Prime Travel Entitlement

Luggage on an airstrip next to a cargo plane.

If you or your dependents are required to travel to receive medical treatment you may be eligible for TRICARE authorized reimbursement of reasonable travel expenses.


The Prime Travel entitlement is for travel expenses incurred by non-active duty TRICARE Prime members when they are required to travel more then 100 miles from their Primary Care Manager's (PCM) office for medically necessary specialty care.

The traveling patient's PCM must indicate that an Non-Medical Attendant (NMA) is medically necessary and appropriate and the NMA must be a parent, guardian, or another family member (21 or older) related to the traveling TRICARE Prime member. If the NMA is a parent or designated guardian of the traveling Prime patient he/she is not required to be 21 or older. If the NMA is another adult family member, he/she is required to be 21 or older.

Costs (Lodging, meals, per diem)

The Prime Travel entitlement allows beneficiaries to be reimbursed for certain travel costs and other associated expenses like lodging and meals. Actual expenses are reimbursed up to the government rate. If beneficiaries have questions regarding government/per diem rates, the following web link provides this information. Beneficiaries will be responsible for all costs exceeding the identified government rate. Click on the Contiguous US Per Diem Rates to determine rates.

Visit the TRICARE Prime and Non-Medical Attendant Travel Entitlements Fact sheet online to get more information how to process your claims for this entitlement.

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