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TRICARE Pharmacy Program


The TRICARE Pharmacy Program has been updated. The following information and resources will help to make the most of this vital benefit: TRICARE Pharmacy Program Overview How to Fill Prescriptions Pharmacy Copayment and Cost-Share Structure TRICARE Pharmacy Copayments In the U.S. Medicare Part D MTF Pharmacy TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery TRICARE Retail Pharmacy Program Medical Necessity Non-... more

TRICARE Authorizations and Referrals

TRICARE Prime beneficiaries need to know about both referrals and authorizations. If you are using TRICARE Standard or Extra, you don't typically need a referral for routine or specialty care, but there are some instances when you do need to get prior authorization so you don't have to pay for services. First, let's review some terms: Referral:  Where a primary care manager (PCM) or provider identifies a need for specialty care or serv... more

TRICARE Beneficiary Web Enrollment

The Beneficiary Web Enrollment website allows beneficiaries living in the United States to manage their TRICARE Prime or TRICARE Prime Remote enrollments online, update personal information in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) or add/update information regarding other health insurance. Anyone can access the site to update personal information (i.e. home address, phone number, e-mail address, etc.) or update other hea... more

TRICARE Cost Co-Pay Schedule

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The following tables provide examples of cost-shares or copayments and annual deductibles for families who use civilian providers and facilities under each of the three TRICARE options. The listed fees are subject to change each year. Contact your local Health Benefits Advisor (HBAs) - located at your local Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) - or beneficiary counseling and assistance coordinator (BCAC) for answers to any questions about c... more

TRICARE Prime Overview

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Most servicemembers agree that TRICARE is the most confusing military benefit. Choosing the right TRICARE Plan is a difficult and daunting task. The following information will explain the key factors you need to know to choose the best program for your family. These factors include: Primary Care Manager The Point of Service Option Prime Pros and Cons TRICARE Cost Comparison Helpful Hints TRICARE Prime Enrollment... more

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