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3 FAQs on TRICARE Supplement Every Military Retiree Should Know


Approximately 5.29 million military retirees and family members worldwide are eligible for TRICARE health insurance. Of these, 2.55 million retirees are using TRICARE, 950,000 of which are using TRICARE Standard. While TRICARE Standard is a comprehensive insurance plan and allows for more flexible healthcare options, it does not cover every expense a military retiree may encounter. TRICARE Supplement insurance is a worthwhile investmen... more

TRICARE Maternity Care Options

(Note: The terms 'pregnancy', 'maternity', and 'care before, during and after childbirth' are used interchangeably to denote the period of time when a women first discovers she is pregnant through her six week postpartum and well baby checkup.) Expectant mothers who are TRICARE beneficiaries have a variety of choices for receiving health care services before, during, and after childbirth. The scope of these services and their associated costs... more

TRICARE Extended Care Health Option

On September 1, 2005, TRICARE's Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) replaced the existing TRICARE Program for Persons with Disabilities (PFPWD). Beneficiaries who still have authorization approvals for PFPWD can continue on those approvals until the expiration or services are requested and authorized under the ECHO program. The following is a summary of TRICARE's Extended Care Health Option: ECHO Overview ECHO Eligibility Cover... more

TRICARE Pharmacy Program


The TRICARE Pharmacy Program has been updated. The following information and resources will help to make the most of this vital benefit: TRICARE Pharmacy Program Overview How to Fill Prescriptions Pharmacy Copayment and Cost-Share Structure TRICARE Pharmacy Copayments In the U.S. Medicare Part D MTF Pharmacy TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery TRICARE Retail Pharmacy Program Medical Necessity Non-... more

TRICARE Survivor Benefits

Eligible surviving family members, whose sponsor dies while on active duty, are entitled to continue to receive TRICARE health care benefits. The following is a summary of these benefits: Survivor Benefits Overview Residing Outside the U.S. After the 3 Year Benefit Period Survivor Benefits During the Three-Year Survivor Benefit Period Survivor Benefits Following the Three Year Survivor Benefit Period TRICARE Sur... more

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