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Military Law Overview

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The backbone of the military legal system is the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), which applies to all branches. Most of the issues covered in this document include the bringing of cases to military courts, the different types of court-martial, treatment and apprehension of prisoners, and the trial process. In addition, rules govern military jurisdiction, legal investigations, discharges, the release and revision of military records, post-trial review procedures, and appeals. For more details about court-martials, a commanding officer's legal authority and pre-trial confinement, see the topics list on the right.

The UCMJ applies to all active-duty, reserve & Guard, and retired military personnel. Violation of any of the articles of the UCMJ can bring punishments ranging from loss of privileges to confinement and discharge.

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See the comprehensive set of links below to find out more about military law, the rights you have as an active duty servicemember, and guides to help you in times of legal trouble.

Dept. of Justice - Servicemember's Rights Center
The Federal Government's newsest resource for military servicemembers provides information on how the government can help you, and what you can do to protect your rights under the law.

Uniform Code of Military Justice
Read through the full text of these legal regulations.

Military Law and Justice
Attorney Philip D. Cave provides a thorough overview of the military justice system, and offers useful links.

Military Justice Fact Sheets
Get explanations of important legal topics.

Military Law and Legislation guide offers information about the military justice system, administrative disciplinary actions and congressional legislation which affects military personnel.

Judge Advocates Association
An-depth look at Jags and military law includes articles, news, links and event updates.

Office of General Counsel
Browse the homepage of the General Counsel of the Department of Defense (DoD).

U.S. Military Court of Appeals
Peruse a history, fact sheets, scheduled hearings, a law library and related resources.

National Institute of Military Justice
Non-profit organization is engaged in promoting a fair, equitable, and effective U.S. military justice system.

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