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Tel: (757) 462-7516
1300 10th St.
Virginia Beach, VA 23459-0000
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Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek
Average rating for this facility is 2.0 stars based on 4 ratings.
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Construction_Mechanic_204:48 PM 10/5/13

JUST LIKE ANY OTHER SKETCHY SHOP... I brought my truck for an inspection. I was told to replace lights, replace my inner tie rods along with an alignment and adjust my parking brake. So considering what my user name says i took it and corrected it myself. I wasnt sure if my trucks parking brake was all the way adjusted so i let them adjust it and do the alignment. Well when i brought it in they said I needed new pads and my truck still pulled to the right. So I took it back again after replacing the pads and asked for them to fix the alignment they charged me for but never corrected. They never fixed my alignment and said i needed new rotors. So i was talking to the mechanic at the desk and he told me they never should of told me to replace my pads because they didn't take my rotor off to look at it. Then he was showing me the prices of rotors and I caught onto the fact that they mark up on the prices of the parts. I asked him if you mark up your prices and give people a run around then what are they there for. He replied with "were here for you"(the military)... Obviously not. I would not recommend this to a friend! Every time i have to hold my steering wheel left to keep my truck straight it reminds me of my horrible experience. AVOID THIS PLACE!

Sideshow756512:57 PM 10/10/13

WAVE OFF....I had some work done on my daughter's car and part of it was to check the brakes and fixe them if required. When I picked the car up the brakes felt the same, bad. So I put it up on jacks when I got home to check them myself, the lug nuts on the drivers side were so tight I had to use a breaker bar to loosten them up enough for my impact wrench to remove them; the passenger side was so loose I could almost take them off with my fingers. The brakes needed to be bled, which they didn't find and didn't do. I question whether they even looked at them. On top of all this, THEY CHARGE $80.00 PER HOUR!!!! Those are dealer prices, but at least at the dealer you get quality work. I would avoid this place at all costs, I will NEVER go there again.

mwleach6:02 PM 2/27/14

My experience has been the exact opposite of the two gents above. We've had our cars worked on there for over 10 years. There is some stuff (computerized keys on a VW for example) they can't do - but they tell you up front. We have always had great service at a reasonable price. It's the only repair shop (dealer or independent) I have ever been to where I did not feel they regarded our Virginia state inspection racket as their own personal full-employment act. I have found this base autoshop to be both capable and a great value, and expect to continue to be a regular and satisfied patron..

sun2411:05 PM 4/8/14

I have to agree with the first two comments above. I never leave a comment, especially not negative ones but I feel like I have to for this facility. My experience was I ran a tire low on air for about 10 miles. When I arrived at my destinatation there was rubber that was slightly lifted from the tire from the weight of the car. I pulled in there one day near closing time. I asked them for their "professional" opinion on the tire. An older man, in a very concieted way informed me I was "lucky to be alive." I responed with really? Then I asked if they had any tires there. He said maybe that my tire size was pretty rare. He then sent a younger man, not very bright to look and see if they had a tire for me. Of course, he came back and said yes, but it was very expensive. I asked hou much, he said $230. I was like wow! At that moment the old man, which I know has fooled people like this before, comes in and says how much? The other guy tells him, then he looks at me and in a very serious look says, "that's a good deal!" I almost passed out with disgust, growing up in the country and working on a farm for ten years, I have seen bad tires before. I have bought four tires for my car and never paid more then $160 for a tire. The size is 18" rims which is not that uncommon. So I was sure to tell the old guy this, after which he walked off. Which leads me to believe that he was just trying to sell me an overpriced tire. Since then I went online and bought the same size of tire (maybe not as good a brand) with a warranty for $80. I have driven on the tire for 3 months and put 3000 miles on it with no issues. I even took it on an 8 hour road trip on the interstate at 80 mph. I am posting this because this is not the customer service I am used to seein on military bases. I have been to over 5 mechanic shops on bases all over our Blessed Country and never seen something like this. Maybe it was a one time occurence, maybe it wasn't....

306193562:34 PM 5/2/14

Unfortunately, I will no longer this facility. JEBLC Autoport did a brake job on my car (rotor replacement, pads, tie rods) for just under $1000.00. I returned because brakes continually squealed. That was finally fixed, however when I went to rotate my tires I discovered that all the lugwrench no longer fit my lug nuts. With some investigation, I discovered that if a 7/8inch socket is used on a 13/16inch lug nut that it will distort the lugnut. Only myself using a manual wrench, and the Autoport pneumatic wrench had touched my wheels. I brought this information to Autoport manager (Kenny) and he said that "bad" lugnuts on those vehicles was a common problem and the Autoport had replaced one of my lugnuts. When I expressed to him my research and the fact that all my lugnuts were now distorted following a visit to the Autoport, he simply stated "We know what size rench to use". Nothing else was going to be done. Now I couple this instance, with a return to have wheel balance weights put on a tire that I had repaired at the Autoport, and a return to have the steering wheel realigned following a 4-wheel alignment by the Autoport. I can no longer use or recommend this facilty with any confidence whatsoever.

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