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10 Steps to Joining the Military
Guide to Joining the Military
Topics include:
  • Money for college
  • Signing bonuses
  • How much are you
        really paid?
  • Officer/ROTC
  • And much more..
  • Ace the ASVAB
    The web's only FREE
    ASVAB practice tests!
    Learn what it takes to
    score high and get the
    best job possible.

    Know More About Joining


    Face Your Fear of the Gas Chamber
    Breathing Tear Gas sounds pretty messed up, but you have nothing to fear... really. Read about CS training.

    Special Operations Center
    The Spec Ops Soldier, Sailor, Marines and Airman is a special breed. They train hard to carry out special missions world wide. Do you have what it takes?


    Why to Prep for the ASVAB?
    A high score on the ASVAB can make the difference in your eligibility for bonuses. Review these study tips to learn to do your best.


    5 Questions to Ask Before Joining
    Thinking about joining the military? Well, you probably have hundreds of questions. Here is five you have to ask.

    Recruiting Discussions
    Thousands have faced the same decisions you are facing. Join our discussion boards and get first-hand advice and knowledge.
  • Rap with other recruits

  • Talk to real vets

  • Learn what to expect

  • Weigh service options

  • Discuss your reasons

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    Military Fitness

    Are You Fit to Serve?
    Arriving fit for any military training program is a must. Preparing for these programs could take at least 6-12 months to be an above average performer. Prepare for Boot Camp.
     More Stew Smith Articles
     Military Fitness Blog

    Check out former Navy SEAL Stew Smith's service-specific, downloadable fitness eBooks designed to get you into the best shape of your life!

    Money For College
    GI Bill Benefits Increase
    The GI Bill is now worth more than $49,000.

    Military service offers many ways to earn money for education or training.
     Education Benefits

    Job Interest Matcher
    Search more than 4,100 military jobs. Enter your job interest and see what military career it matches.

      (example: engineer)  

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