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The Military Entrance Processing Station, better known as MEPS. It strikes fear into some, but it really shouldn't - all you need to know is right here. Before you can join, the military has to make sure you are healthy enough and smart enough to, so they send you to MEPS. Read about:

  • MEPS Overview
  • Possibly disqualifying medical and law factors
  • Descriptions of the MEPS process

    Topics covered:

    MEPS: An Overview
    What exactly happens at MEPS? We tell you here.

    Height & Weight Charts
    Before you join, you need to make sure you meet your service's height and weight requirements. Click here and find out what those requirements are.

    Waivers: An Overview
    Waivers are common, but how do you get them? Read this to find out.

    Medical Questions for You
    The same list of questions your recruiter asked you before. Read these to see if you will have any potential problems.

    Medical Disqualifications
    A list of potentially disqualifying medical factors. Includes information on heart conditions, asthma, broken bones, and more.

    Law Disqualifications
    Breaking the law is not good, but you may still be able to join. Learn about military policy towards law violations here.

    Alcohol & Drug Disqualifications
    Lists potentially disqualifying conditions and abuses of alcohol and drugs.

    Other Disqualifications
    Covers disqualification factors such as conscientious objection, non-honorable discharges, and dependents.

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