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10 Steps To Joining The Military

Step 10: You're in! Make the best of it.

What happens after boot camp? Do things get easier?

After boot camp, you are given increased responsibility, and that includes for your own career. How should you proceed? Where should you go? The good news is that it's up to you, and the bad news is that it's up to you too! Learn more about handling yourself in the military with:

  • Overview of military careers
  • Tips on handling your career
  • Stories about famous veterans
  • Career articles

    and more.

    Topics covered:

    Training After Boot Camp
    Learn about training after boot camp and how to handle yourself as a new military member.

    Military Career Tips
    Vital tips to improving your career, for the youngest enlistee to the oldest officer.


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    Famous Veterans
    Do you know who has been in the military? Learn about famous veterans and how the military helped launch their careers here.

    Military Profiles
    Real-life military people speak out about their times in the service.

    Career Center
    Practical career advice for your military career and beyond.

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