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10 Steps To Joining The Military

Step 9: Get ready for bootcamp

Heading off to boot camp? There is a lot to do before you go! Here we'll tell you how to:

  • Get in shape to go
  • What to bring and what to do
  • Articles from people who have been there

    and more.

    Topics covered:

    Boot Camp Overview
    Learn the basics of boot camp here.

    Compare Training Programs
    Read about the variations of basic training in each service.

    Boot Camp Tips
    Knowing what to and what not to do can make a huge difference to your life in basic training.

    What to Bring
    Simple lists - follow these, and you'll have no trouble.

    Schedules & Timelines
    Weekly schedules and activities at basic training.

    Surviving Boot Camp
    Get the most out of boot camp with these 10 big tips.

    Fitness Advice from Stew Smith
    Fitness guru Stew Smith gives you advice on how to get into top shape for boot camp, special forces, and beyond.

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