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10 Steps To Joining The Military

Step 4: Meet the recruiter

You've done some research and are interested in finding out more - a lot more. Now it's time to talk with recruiters! Though it can be nerve-racking, just remember that you are under NO OBLIGATION when talking with a recruiter. He/she cannot force you to do anything: all of the power is in YOUR hands. That being said, you do need to prepare yourself to talk with recruiters. Read here about:

  • Questions to ask recruiters
  • Incentives and benefits - more details
  • Frequently asked questions from other recruits

and more.

Topics covered:

Seeing a Recruiter: Overview
Get yourself quickly up to speed before seeing a recruiter.

Frequently Asked Questions
More questions and answers! See some of the most commonly asked ones here!

Questions for Recruits, Parents, and Counselors
These lists cover some FAQ's about the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, and Guard and Reserve forces. For recruits, parents, and counselors.


Get in touch with recruiters
Recruiting discussions
Military Job Interest Matcher
The Recruiting Newsletter

10 Tips For Visiting a Recruiter
Learn before you go: get the lowdown on how to deal with recruiters.

20 Questions to Ask Recruiters
Basic questions you should ask no matter what service you plan on joining.

Medical Questions for You
At some point, your recruiter will ask you questions too. Be sure you are prepared - find out what they'll ask you here.

Documents You'll Need
Ah yes, the paperwork. Find out what you'll need to officially join.

Enlistment Incentives
Do you know that you may be rewarded just for joining? Find out about bonuses and more here.

Understanding Commitments
Military commitments can be intimidating - find out how to handle them here, before you make any!

Discussion Boards
Still have questions? We have the answers! Ask away here in our no pressure, no obligation discussion forums!

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