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10 Steps To Joining The Military

Step 3: Choose the right path

There are hundreds of different jobs in the military, and almost endless paths you can take during your military career. Would you like to be an enlisted member and do most of the hands-on work in the military? Would you like to be an officer and have a more managerial role? Maybe you would like to do both - enlist first and later become an officer. Look at all your different options here with:

  • Guard and Reserve possibilities
  • Enlisted vs. Officer comparisons
  • Articles on joining the military

    Topics covered:

    Ways of Joining
    A quick list showing enlistment, officer, and reserve options for each service.

    Compare Services
    A starting point to find out the details of each service.

    Enlistment Options
    A glance at how enlistments work for each service.

    Enlisted or Officer
    Planning on becoming an officer? Check out enlisted options too - you may be in for a pleasant surprise!

    Guard or Reserve
    What are Guard and Reserve forces all about? Find out more here.

    Making Guard & Reserve Service Work for You
    Guard & Reserve forces: if you're going to go, get in the know.

    Job Choices
    A quick breakdown of the different military job areas. Think soldiers only shoot guns? Think again!

    Join Up Articles
    Articles on all sorts of recruiting topics, how to join, what it's like, job advice, and more.

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