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10 Steps To Joining The Military

Step 3: Choose the right path

Enlisted or Officer

Every year more than 180,000 people enlist in the armed forces. Nearly another 20,000 become officers. Both enlisted and officer careers provide rewarding experiences, educational and training benefits, and competitive compensation.

Choosing to enlist or become an officer involves different requirements, commitments and responsibilities. And of course, serving in one service branch can be very different from serving in another service branch. If you haven't already, check Comparing the Services for some basic facts about the differences between services.

In these pages, you'll get a look at what each branch has to offer for both enlisted and officer candidates. Be sure to also check with your local recruiters to get the latest information on benefits and career options.

Enlistment Options

Air Force Enlisted

Army Enlisted

National Guard Enlisted

Coast Guard Enlisted

Marine Corps Enlisted

Navy Enlisted

Officer Options

Air Force Officer

Army Officer

National Guard Officer

Coast Guard Officer

Marine Corps Officer

Navy Officer

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