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Money for College

Military service offers many ways to earn money for education or training. For more on the benefits listed below, as well as a school finder, financial aid guides, and more, check out the Education Center. For more specific educational benefits by service, see the Active Duty Education page.

Loan Repayment
The military may help you repay your student loans if you attended schools on an approved Perkins, Stafford or other Department of Education Guaranteed Student Loan. Click here for more details.

Montgomery GI Bill
Veterans can earn money from the Montgomery GI Bill if honorably discharged and have a high school diploma or GED, or in some cases 12 hours of college credit. The bill also provides money for degree and certificate programs, flight training, apprenticeships and correspondence courses. Learn more about the GI Bill in this overview.

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Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserves
Members of the Reserves or National Guard can also collect money through the Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserves. You may use this money for degree programs, certificate or correspondence courses, cooperative training, independent study, apprenticeships and vocational flight training. Learn more about the GI Bill in this overview.

Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)
In ROTC you can get up to a full four-year scholarship plus an annual stipend. ROTC graduates also enter services as officers. You can try ROTC for two years with no obligation. Learn more about the ROTC in this overview.

Service Academies
Service academies offer a quality education with technical and liberal arts majors. Cadets earn a monthly salary while at the academies and earn a commission upon graduation. Acceptance to the academies is competitive.

Army & Navy College Funds
The College Fund, also known as a "GI Bill kicker," can nearly double the value of the GI Bill. Qualifications and amounts vary from service to service. This benefit is available for both Active Duty and Reserve servicemembers.

Navy College Assistance/Student Headstart (CASH)
High school and college students can earn Navy pay and benefits while attending college for up to 12 months if interested in the Navy and qualify for the Nuclear, Missile Technician, or Submarine Electronics Computer fields.

Tuition Assistance
All of the services offer up to 100 percent of tuition costs for courses taken while off-duty at accredited institutions. Learn more about Military Tuition Assistance in this overview.

Community College of the Air Force
The Community College of the Air Force provides two-year educational programs to enlisted members of the active duty Air Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserves. These programs combine Air Force technical training with general education course work from civilian accredited colleges.

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