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10 Steps To Joining The Military

Step 3: Choose the right path

Guard or Reserve

Army National Guard
Army National Guard
Whether your goal is to establish a civilian career, pay for college or prepare for a secure retirement, YOU CAN make it happen in the Army National Guard. Visit today to learn more.

Air National Guard
Air National Guard
ANG offers $20,000 for college; $10,000 signing bonus on select careers; over 188 careers ranging from medical, engineering, high-tech, to aviation.

It's the way of the Weekend Warrior, but it's also much more than that. If you're considering joining the military for the first time, or you're a military veteran looking for additional benefits or further opportunities to serve your country, National Guard and Reserve programs provide flexibility and rewards. Guardspeople and Reservists play a critical role in national defense, while also receiving part-time service, pay and benefits.

Each Reserve and National Guard service involves different requirements, commitments and responsibilities. And of course, serving in one service branch can be very different from serving in another service branch. If you haven't already, check Comparing the Services for some basic facts about the differences between services.

In these pages, you'll get a look at what each branch has to offer for both Reserve and National Guard opportunities. Be sure to also check with your local recruiters to get the latest information on benefits and career options.

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