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Joining the Military: 5 Steps to an Easy Decision


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Ace the ASVAB
If you want to join the military, you'll probably need to take this test. Don't walk in unprepared.

Military Job Matcher
What military jobs would you be most interested in? Match civilian jobs with their military equivalents.

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You're interested in joining the military. You've scouted out possible options, talked to people in the know. But what do you really need to do? has built a framework to help you make the best decision. Be sure to follow the five steps below, or you may be in for some tough surprises.

Step One: Is it right for you?
Not everyone is cut for the military. Answer several questions to help you decide if the military is right for you.

Step Two: See the benefits
Some people need more than adventure and service. See the range of benefits and perks of military service.

Step Three: Find the job for you
Military careers come in more than 4,100 flavors. Find the job that matches your personality and interests.

Step Four: Qualify
Qualifying is an important part of getting the job you want.

Step Five: Make a game plan
Winners have a plan. Let us help plot yours.

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