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A History Channel Documentary Based on 11th Month, 11th Day, 11th Hour

Courtesy of Lou Reda Productions
November 8, 2004

Although both sides acknowledged that World War I was over, they independently chose to continue fighting on that final day, November 11, 1918. More men died on the final day of World War I than died on D-Day a quarter-century later-an indefensible and horrific sacrifice of life. In his new book, acclaimed historian Joseph E. Persico recounts the last tense hours of Armistice Day, the dramatic history leading up to this bloody denouement, and how the final day of monstrous fighting extended the futility of the whole war.

11th MONTH, 11th DAY, 11th HOUR (Random House; Publication Date: November 2, 2004) demonstrates how this senseless eleventh hour slaughter captured the whole of World War I in a microcosm: pointless carnage for no positive purpose. Persico's intimate portrayals of the men in the trenches, so full of hope and humor, and as fearful of death as any of us living today, make this story all the more gripping and heartbreaking. And considering all the wars that have taken place since this "war to end all wars" ended in 1918, Persico final grim warning rings true: that mankind seems shackled to a never-ending cycle of conflict and we continue to ignore the lessons of our past.

Persico recounts the war's bloody climax in a style that evokes All Quiet on the Western Front, Grand Illusion, and Paths of Glory. 11th MONTH, 11th DAY, 11th HOUR is sure to become the definitive account of the end of a conflict Winston Churchill called "the hardest, cruelest, and least-rewarded of all the wars that have been fought."

About the Author

Joseph E. Persico's books include Nuremberg: Infamy on Trial, which was made into a television docudrama; Piercing the Reich; co-author with Colin Powell of My American Journey; and the national bestseller Roosevelt's Secret War. He lives in Guilderland, New York.

About the Documentary
Lou Reda Productions produced the History Channel documentary that will air on November 11, 2004. The Reda Group has produced over 400 cable and network specials and series episodes seen constantly on major cable networks including the A&E Television Network, The History Channel and PBS. Source material from the huge Reda archive has powered hundreds more major film productions.

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