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West Point Cadet Charged with Rape
Military.com  |  March 31, 2006
WEST POINT, N.Y. - A cadet at the U.S. Military Academy has been charged with raping two former cadets, a West Point spokesman said Thursday in reporting the latest alleged sex assault involving a military academy.

Lonnie Story, a senior from Poplar Bluff, Mo., was on leave when the alleged incidents occurred in January 2005 and October 2005, Lt. Col. Kent Cassella said. The two women had already graduated at the time.

In an e-mail message to The Associated Press late Thursday, Story professed his innocence. He faces a pretrial investigation to decide whether the case should proceed to a court-martial.

Cassella said the cadet will be "presumed innocent until found guilty. ... He will continue his regular duties and is not in pretrial confinement."

The nation's military academies have been under scrutiny since 2003, when women at the Air Force Academy in Colorado began coming forward with accusations that they had been sexually assaulted by fellow cadets over the previous decade and were ignored or ostracized by commanders when they spoke out.

Since then, sexual assault allegations have also rocked the campuses of the Naval Academy and Coast Guard Academy.

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