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Nearly 20 Killed in Baghdad Attacks
Associated Press  |  March 24, 2006
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Suspected insurgents killed three policemen and wounded another in a drive-by shooting in west Baghdad Friday morning, police said.

North of the capital, more drive-by shooters gunned down three power station employees on their way to work in Taji, police said.

A roadside bomb targeting a police patrol in south Baghdad's Saydiyah neighborhood killed another policeman, police 1st Lt. Akeel Fadhil said. Nearby, gunmen broke into a bakery and killed four employees, he said.

Retaliatory killings between Shiite and Sunni Muslims have become common in the capital ever since the Feb. 22 bombing of a Shiite shrine north of Baghdad triggered a wave of sectarian violence.

Baghdad police in the capital said they discovered eight bodies, blindfolded and shot, in the Binok and Kazimiyah neighborhoods Friday.

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