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VA Warns of Telephone Prescription Scam
Department of Veterans Affairs   |  October 20, 2005
WASHINGTON The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is warning veterans not to give credit card numbers over the phone to callers claiming to update VA prescription information.

"Some unscrupulous scammers have targeted America's veterans, especially our older veterans," said the Honorable R. James Nicholson, Secretary of Veterans Affairs. "VA does not call veterans and ask them to disclose personal financial information over the phone."

The latest scam, currently centered in the Midwest, comes from callers who identify themselves as working for the "Patient Care Group."   They say VA recently changed procedures for dispensing prescriptions and ask for the veteran's credit card number.

"VA has not changed its processes for dispensing prescription medicines," Nicholson said. "And we've definitely not changed our long-standing commitment to protect the personal information of our veterans."

Veterans with questions about VA services should contact the nearest VA medical center or call, toll-free, 1-877-222-8387.

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