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U.S. Spy Agency Wants Non-Citizen Recruits
United Press International  |  October 13, 2005
WASHINGTON - The Pentagon has increased spy recruitment in the United States and abroad and wants permission to recruit non-U.S. citizens, a report said Wednesday.

"We believe there are potential sources of information in this country we are not tapping right now," Jim Schmidli, deputy Defense Intelligence Agency general counsel for operations, told The Washington Times. "We think there is a potential well of information here."

The Defense Intelligence Agency has recruited 1,000 people since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to bring its spy count to 7,500. Now it wants Congress to relax a rule that requires hiring only U.S. citizens.

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has endorsed the DIA request, as well as one that would allow the DIA to withhold its affiliation from potential recruits. The FBI and CIA are exempted from such disclosures.

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is expected to go along with the plan, the newspaper reported.

The DIA wants people with information about other countries' arsenals, al-Qaida and people behind terrorist bombings.

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