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NASA Seeks Military Applicants
Stars and Stripes  |  By Lisa Burgess  |  December 22, 2007
ARLINGTON, Va. - NASA is seeking the next crop of military candidates to compete for places in America's astronaut corps.

Military members with an interest in NASA's space program must be nominated through their parent services, which hold selection boards to choose their candidates.

The Marines Corps selection board will be held beginning Feb. 26, and applications are due Feb. 1, Maj. Brendan Heatherman, an official in the Manpower office at Quantico Marine Corps Base, told Stars and Stripes on Friday.

An administrative message with full details on the applications process will be issued before Dec. 31, Heatherman said.

The Air Force astronaut nomination board will convene May 13-16, and applications to the Air Force Personnel Center must be postmarked by Feb. 25. Procedures are outlined in Air Force Instruction 36-2205, and the HQ AFPC/DPA AL 8106 announcement message.

The Navy's selection board, meanwhile, has been tentative scheduled for May 8, with application due to Navy Personnel Command March 1. The application procedure for the Navy is outlined at www.npc.navy.mil/Boards/Administrative/NASAAstronaut.htm and in more detail in BUPERS instruction 1401.4C.

The Army has not yet chosen a date for its astronaut candidate selection board, but will do so soon, Maj. Edward Anderson at the Human Resources Command in Alexandria, Va., told Stripes on Friday.

NASA plans to announce the names of the new astronaut trainee class in May 2009. Those chosen will begin a one-year training and evaluation program in August 2009, followed by a five-year tour with NASA.

The list of requirements for potential pilot and crewmembers is at www.nasajobs.nasa.gov/astronauts.

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