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Toy Recall Help for Overseas Families
Stars and Stripes  |  By Leo Shane III  |  August 17, 2007
WASHINGTON — Mattel officials are pledging to help troops and their families with returning recalled toys they bought from military exchanges overseas, acknowledging the extra complications those customers face.

On Tuesday, the company announced the recall of more than 18 million toys built in China due to problems with small magnets, and another 435,000 due to possible lead paint contamination. Press reports had originally given the number of recalled toys at 9 million.

A separate recall was announced earlier this month of nearly 1 million toys which also were finished using potentially hazardous lead paint.

More than 80 different types of the toys were sold at military exchanges worldwide, according to defense officials.

See the list of recalled toys below, or visit the Consumer Product Safety commission Web site at www.cpsc.gov.

Officials at Army and Air Force Exchange Service, Naval Exchange Service Command and Marine Corps Exchange have asked any parents whose children have the toys — a variety of Polly Pocket, Batman, Doggie Daycare, Dora the Explorer and Sesame Street playsets — to take them from youngsters immediately.

But customers will not be able to receive refunds by returning the items to the military exchanges; instead, those military parents have been instructed to contact Mattel’s country-specific hot lines for information on where to mail or drop off the toys to receive a voucher for new ones.

Mattel spokeswoman Julia Jensen said any U.S. citizens living abroad can also call the company’s stateside recall hot line — (888) 597-6597 — for information.

“Even though they’re overseas, we’ll be able to help them out on that line,” she said.

“In some cases they may have to call the country line, and we’ll let them know where they have to mail (the toys) or when we can pick them up. But we won’t be asking them to pay to mail them back to the United States.”

Jensen said the specific rules will vary for families from country to country, depending on Mattel’s corporate presence in each and the Status of Forces Agreements governing the specific military facilities.

A listing of the foreign country hot lines is available at http://service.mattel.com/intl.asp. Jensen said that even though much of the information is listed in foreign languages, English speaking operators are available at those call centers.

More information on the recall is available at www.mattel.com.

The Associated Press reported Wednesday that company officials warned more recalls could take place in coming weeks as they investigate the problems behind the defective toys.

Recalled toys

From the Aug. 14 recall

Toys sold Toy # Where sold Recall reason
One Piece Triple Slash Zolo J4142 AAFES magnet problems
-- Barbie and Tanner playset J9472 AAFES, NEX, MCX magnet problems
-- Barbie and Tanner (AA) playset J9560 AAFES, NEX, MCX magnet problem
Batman toys
-- Magna Battle figure J1944 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Magna “Bruce to Batman” J5114 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Magna Fight figure J1946 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Magna Fight armor J5115 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
Disney Cars
-- Sarge Charater single pack M1253 AAFES, NEX, MCX lead paint
-- Sarrge and Filmore two-pack K5925 AAFES, NEX, MCX lead paint
Doggie Daycare toys
-- Bathtime with Beau playset G4458 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- CoCo playset H1532 AAFES magnet problems
-- Crockett and Baby playset G4462 AAFES magnet problems
-- Diaper Change with Ginger G4460 AAFES magnet problems
-- Dreamhouse Nursery with Honey G4457 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Icecream With Ranger playset H1530 AAFES magnet problems
-- Lula and Baby playset G4461 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Puppy Park with Dixie playset G9703 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Snacktime With Cookie playset G4459 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Sparely playset H1533 AAFES magnet problems
-- Taffy and Baby playset G4464 AAFES magnet problems
Polly Pocket Toys
-- Activity locker -- AAFES magnet problems
-- Activity lunchbox -- AAFES magnet problems
-- Birthday Surprise B3396 AAFES magnet problems
-- Collectible Caboodles B3201 AAFES magnet problems
-- Collectible lip gloss B3207 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Collectible makeup powder puff -- AAFES magnet problems
-- Dazzlin’ Pet Show Devine Dogs B7078 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Dip N' Dive Pool B3210 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Disco Lamp B7128 AAFES magnet problems
-- Fashion Boutique on the Go B9929 AAFES magnet problems
-- Game Room B3211 AAFES magnet problems
-- Glitter Puff B9525 AAFES magnet problems
-- Hangin' Out House B2632 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Happenin' Pet Salon 55503 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Mermaid Stars G8602 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Polly Birthday mailboxes B7127 AAFES magnet problems
-- Polly by Me Totally Beadiful B8615 AAFES magnet problems
-- Polly jewelry boxes C0505 AAFES magnet problems
-- Polly Magnet Bus -- AAFES magnet problems
-- Polly Place Treetop Clubhouse B3158 AAFES magnet problems
-- Pollywood Dial-A-Style Lea Doll J1662 AAFES magnet problems
-- Pollywood Dial-A-Style Lila Doll J1661 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Pollywood Limo-Scene Vehicle J1659 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Pollyworld Costume Cart playset J9305 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Pollyworld Dial-A Song Fashions J9965 AAFES magnet problems
-- Pollyworld Dress N’ Drive Lounge J1687 AAFES, NEX, MCX magnet problems
-- Pollyworld Gift Shop playset J9306 AAFES magnet problems
-- Pollyworld Rockin' Theme Park J1681 AAFES, NEX, MCX magnet problems
-- Pollyworld Rockin' Tour Bus K3460 AAFES magnet problems
-- Quick-Click Boutique G8605 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Quick-Click City Pretty H1537 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Quick-Click Crissy Doll J4170 AAFES magnet problems
-- Quick-Click House of Style G8614 AAFES, NEX, MCX magnet problems
-- Quick-Click Lea Doll J4171 AAFES magnet problems
-- Quick-Click Movie Time H1553 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Quick-Click Polly Doll J4169 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Quick-Click Pool Party playset H1554 AAFES magnet problems
-- Quick-Click Shani Doll J4172 AAFES magnet problems
-- Quick-Click Sporty Style playset H1538 AAFES magnet problems
-- Quick-Click Totally Zen playset H3211 AAFES magnet problems
-- Rick’s Magic Show B7082 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Snow Cool Hotel playset G8612 AAFES, NEX magnet problems
-- Stickin’ 2 Style Wall Display Doll J1670 AAFES magnet problems
-- Sweet Treats B7125 AAFES magnet problems
-- Theme Park Party Doll J1695 AAFES magnet problems
-- Totally Polly Tiki Diner B7118 AAFES magnet problems
-- Twirl & Swirl Beauty Case J9648 AAFES, NEX, MCX magnet problems

From the Aug. 2 recall

Dora the Explorer
-- Diego ATV J0346 NEX lead paint
-- Diego Mobile Rescue Unit K3571 AAFES, NEX lead paint
-- Diego Talking Gadget Belt K3414 AAFES, NEX lead paint
-- Dora Figures B9617, H4187 AAFES, NEX lead paint
-- Dora Talking Pony Place J9692 AAFES, NEX lead paint
-- Dora’s Talking House B9620, M0732 AAFES, NEX lead paint
-- Dora’s Talking Vamanos Van G3825 MCX lead paint
Sesame Street
-- Elmo in Giggle Box B7987 NEX lead paint
-- Giggle Doodler G9717 NEX lead paint
-- Giggle Drill J9518 NEX lead paint
-- Giggle Grabbers C1211 MCEX lead paint
-- Giggle Tool Belt J6537 NEX lead paint
-- Music and Lights Phone 93780 NEX lead paint
-- Shake Giggle & Roll B7888 NEX lead paint
-- Shape Sorter 39054 AAFES lead paint
-- Silly Parts Talking Elmo B7989 NEX lead paint

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