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Featured Website and Event:

Music for the Military: TOUCH A SOLDIER'S LIFE FOR JUST $1.00!

Bloomington, IL based hard rock bands MAXLIDER and None Taken have joined forces with Stone Age Radio to organize Music for the Military. The idea began after band members saw a recent VH-1 special "Soundtrack to War". Using personal testimonies, the one-hour documentary examines the soldiers' use of music for inspiration, motivation and mourning. Sometimes, music is the only thing that gets our soldiers through their day.

The idea is simple. For every dollar donated, the organization will send a copy of either MAXLIDER's new release, "Inferno" or NoneTaken's "A Certain Sense of Touch" to a soldier on active duty that is stationed outside of the United States. So, if $10,000 is collected, 10,000 CDs will be sent to our troops!

The month long drive will come to a close with a FREE live performance by MAXLIDER and None Taken in honor of the troops on Friday, November 12th, 2004 at Daddios in Bloomington, IL. All proceeds collected at the show will be donated to the campaign!

Read more about Music for the Military at www.musicforthemilitary.com or to find out more about "Soundtrack to War", click here.



Parris Island: A Woman's Memoir of Marine Corps Boot Camp
by Lisa Cordeiro

Parris Island. The mere mention of this Marine Corps training ground strikes fear and awe in the many men and women who dared to venture there in the hope of becoming Marines. For those who survive, Parris Island tears them down as people and rebuilds them up as group over a thirteen-week training regiment considered by many to be the most difficult military training in the world.

It is extremely difficult for men to make it through and it is no easier for the women. Under the relentless eyes of four women drill instructors, women recruits are challenged by a dizzying array of obstacles tearing down every inhibition and self-doubt. Every dread is exploited and every fear is confronted. For these women who survive the thirteen weeks, they become minorities in a minority, an elite group of women encompassing 5% of the population of "a few good men."

Lisa Cordeiro brings you along on an intensely personal, physical, spiritual, and sometimes comical struggle to become one of "the few, the proud." From choosing among the various sales pitches thrown by military recruiters to survival tactics in boot camp, Parris Island allows you to experience Marine Corps boot camp like never before. To find out more visit www.lisacordeiro.com.

First Blue by Robert K. Wilcox, Introduction by James Lovell

The U.S. Navy's Blue Angels are the most famous flight demonstration team in the world. Millions of aviation enthusiasts see their show every year. First Blue tells the story of the man who formed them. He is Roy Marlin "Butch" Voris, a World War II Ace and the first man to command the Blue Angels twice.

First Blue recounts the epic journey of an unassuming man whose desire to fly and strong character lend him into a life of drama and heroism. He was one of the brave and courageous few who held off the Japanese in the South Pacific in the early part of the war. He is in the same class as the more recognized aviator heroes such as Chuck Yeager and Pappy Boyington. After the war, Voris was personally chosen by Admiral Nimitz to head the Blue Angels and he led them in prop planes and later in jets. The story of his efforts is stunning, at times hilarious, and inspirational. To find out more about the Blue Angels and the biography by Robert Wilcox, visit www.firstblueangel.com.

Bloodstained Sea by Michael G. Walling

Bloodstained Sea describes in vivid detail the heroic actions of the Coast Guard ships that defended Allied convoys en route through the North Atlantic to England and Russia. Americans called it “Torpedo Junction,” Germans “Devil’s Gorge,” but historians know it as the Battle of the Atlantic—the four-year Allied struggle to move desperately needed supplies from America to Europe through devastating assaults by German U-boats, ships, and aircraft.

Eyewitness accounts assembled from hundreds of interviews propel this breathtaking, meticulously researched plunge into the thick of a battle fought mostly in the frozen seas east of Greenland. There, courageous but overmatched Coast Guard escorts braved the torpedo attacks of U-boat wolf packs to rescue thousands of men while thousands of others perished. Told in the voices of the men who lived it, this epic drama reveals the indomitable fighting spirit of the World War II Coast Guard.

Tales of the China Marines by Edward Spasek

Tales of the China Marines is a collection of amusing and unusual tales involving members of the U.S. Marine Corps who were stationed in China to protect American civilians and government property during the 1930s. Any Marine who served in China was often referred to as a "China" Marine.

Tales of the China Marines is book of historical fiction, covering the period in China before World War II. It was a fascinating time not only for civilians, but also for the U.S. Marines, Army and Navy personnel who were stationed in Peking, Tientsin, and Shanghai to protect American civilians and U.S. government property.

Daddy, You're My Hero and Mommy, You're My Hero by Michelle Ferguson-Cohen

These children's picture books, written by a self-professed "military brat," help address deployment with children ages 4-8 in a simple, non-threatening manner from a child's perspective.

The author & illustrator, Michelle Ferguson-Cohen, is also the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran and career Army Officer. Her grandfather was KIA in WII and, more recently, her sister served as a Gulf War Veteran. As the child of a military officer, she was often frustrated by the lack of media that reflected her reality. It's her hopes that in addition to comforting children and facilitating discussion in military families, these books might go some way toward shining a light on this community that is essentially "invisible" in the mainstream media.

These books have helped hundreds and thousands of readers and are recommended by educators, parents and esteemed members of the press. For those interested, there is an online version visitors can read for free at www.booksforbrats.net.

United States Army at War: 9/11 Through Iraq by F. Clifton Berry, Jr.

Featuring exclusive frontline photography by Dennis Steele of ARMY Magazine, plus official Department of Defense and United States Army photographs, this book pays tribute to the total U.S. Army in its campaigns against terror. Photo coverage includes homeland defense, Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom, while the Foreword is given by General Tommy R. Franks.

Combat veteran and author Clifton Berry takes the reader through the events following the attacks of September 11, 2001, as the Army mobilized to defend the American homeland. From there, the photos and text lead the reader to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. From Afghanistan, this illustrated Army story leads to Operation Iraqi Freedom, from the build-up through dramatic battles and the liberation of Iraq.

Honoring the American men and women who served their country in a time of peril, this commemorative book will appeal to everyone interested in the ongoing struggle to free the world of terrorism.


A Million Thanks - "A Million Thanks" is a national campaign to collect and distribute one million letters of appreciation and emails of thanks to our current and past military service members as part of National Military Appreciation Month (NMAM). Started by a high school student from Lutheran High School in Orange, California, the organization has processed over 100,000 letters of thanks so far. They are hoping to have the majority of the letters in by early May so they can be distributed during National Military Appreciation Month. Appreciation letters to the troops can be sent to:

A Million Thanks
c/o Lutheran High School of Orange County
2222 North Santiago Blvd.
Orange, Ca 92867

Their website is www.AMillionThanks.org

SI Yellow Ribbon Campaign - "SI Yellow Ribbon" is a completely volunteer and non-profit organization, formed by a small family in Southern Illinois. They are dedicated to filling needs and wants of overseas soldiers by sending packages, cards and letters. Since they formed in March of 2003 SI Yellow Ribbon has successfully sent items to thousands of soldiers! What started as a "SI" (Southern Illinois) campaign has now grown to supporting all U.S. soldiers serving overseas. SI promises to "be here as long as the need exists, but we need your help! We need to show them we still care!" Click here to learn more!

Navy Corpsman - This site is a useful resource for Navy Corpsmen, Marines, fellow shipmates and anyone else that wants to learn more about the U.S. Navy Hospital Corps. Corpsman.com features background information, related links, Medal of Honor profiles and more.

Northern California Resource for Veterans with Disabilities - This site offers disability, employment, education, employment, healthcare, housing and service-organization information. Although the site is designed for veterans in El Dorado, Nevada, Placer & Sacramento counties, any veteran can utilize the resources, whether they are disabled or not.

Picture History - This archive of images and film footage illuminates more than 200 years of American history. The Website features an extensive War and Military section, as well as audio and video sections. Register on the site to download photos, or visit the "Freedom Store" to pick up red, white and blue mouse pads, blankets, pillows and more.

The Living Wall - This project is assembling black & white photos of America's veterans, their oral histories, and official documents and maps on large steel panels. When assembled, this multimedia exhibit will travel throughout the United States. For more on the Living Wall and how to contribute, see the Living Wall Website.

SKC Gerold G. Ricks, USN Retired - This Navy veteran offers up two Websites: 1. An extensive tribute page to the USS Vernon County (LST-1161), complete with a history, photo gallery, links to related sites and tributes, a personnel roster, and profiles of similar vessels; and 2. the SKC Gerold Ricks page, which includes even more ship tributes, updates on reunions, and naval links.

More Stuff:

WWII 60th Anniversary Commemorative Calendar -Patriotic posters appeared throughout the years of World War II, urging people at home to support the nation's war effort by joining various branches of the service, buying war bonds, and by helping industry increase production of needed materiel. This commemorative calendar presents some of the most memorable of these posters, along with important events by date, and several never before published photos from the war's final months. For information, click here.

A History of the U.S. Coast Guard: America’s First Line Of Homeland Defense Presented by Lou Reda Productions and The History Channel

In its third century of astonishing service, the United States Coast stands almost unsung. Its singular reputation as the worldwide emblem of rescue at sea has overshadowed the unbelievable scope of its worldwide feats as America's fifth armed force. The forever-changed world that the Coast Guard confronts after 9/11 has brought it straight back to its earliest roots of protecting America's shores. As with every crisis, every new and unexpected tough duty, the service has settled into its role with total determination and always mindful of its special traditions.

Produced with the full and energetic cooperation of the Coast Guard, A History of the U.S. Coast Guard presents a two-hour TV special featuring the service’s exploits from its inception to the present day. Through all its incarnations the Coast Guard story is one of men and women expending their lives and courage performing incredible feats at sea year in and year out. For more information, click here www.HistoryChannel.com.

A History of the U.S. Coast Guard, produced by Lou Reda Production, will premiere November 11, 2004, at 9pm on The History Channel

The story behind why more soldiers died on the last day of World War I than on D-Day.


Premieres November 11 at 8 pm ET/PT on The History Channel®

On the 11th month, 11th day and the 11th hour of 1918, World War I came to an end. Yet on that last day of the war, American forces alone suffered over 3,200 casualties. The one-hour world premiere documentary THE LAST DAY OF WORLD WAR I reveals the shocking story behind why more soldiers died on the last day of World War I than during the D-Day invasion. THE LAST DAY OF WORLD WAR I debuts Thursday, November 11 at 8 pm ET/PT THE LAST DAY OF WORLD WAR I is part of a special night of Veteran's Day world premiere documentaries. Also airing that evening are Gallipoli: The First D-Day (7 pm ET/PT) and Battle History of the Coast Guard (9-11 pm ET/PT). For more information, click here www.HistoryChannel.com.


What stuff are you into? If you know about a Website, book, event or anything else that you think others would be interested in, submit it to us by email: stuffwereinto@military.com.



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