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Clothing Allowances

Navy sailor shopping for uniforms.

To help pay for a uniform and other clothing costs, service members may be given a clothing allowance if appropriate clothing is not furnishes.

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It is Department of Defense policy that the quantities and kinds of items of individual clothing to be furnished shall be prescribed by the respective Service Secretary or the Commandant of the Marine Corps under the parameters set by the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force Management Policy). The following is a summary of clothing allowances:

Officers of the Armed Forces of the United States are entitled to an initial uniform allowance. Except as provided in the note, below, the initial uniform allowance is payable only once to an officer:

  • Upon first reporting for active duty (other than for training) for a period of more than 90 days.
  • Upon completing at least 14 days of active duty or active duty for training as a member of a Reserve Component.
  • Upon completing 14 periods of inactive-duty training as a member of the Ready Reserve. (Each period must be of at least 2 hours duration).
  • Upon reporting for the first period of active duty required of a member of the Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program.

    NOTE: Upon transfer to another Reserve Component that requires a different uniform, a Reserve officer may receive another initial uniform allowance. Regular officers may not receive this allowance when transferring to another Military Service.

Types of Allowances

There are four basic types of clothing allowances:

  • Initial Clothing Allowances are provided to enlisted members upon initial enlistment or upon other special qualification for entitlement to a prescribed outfitting of uniforms. The majority of the uniforms are furnished upon first entry into active duty, the amounts listed below are for purchase of special items such as running shoes, and socks for physical training and handbags for female recruits.

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Standard Initial Clothing (Uniform) Allowances (Enlisted Only)
Army Male $94.33
Female $391.27
Navy (E1 - E6) Male $252.00
Female $431.91
Air Force Male $75.00
Female $359.71
Marine Corps Male -0-
Female $175.00
Coast Guard Male -0-
Female -0-
  • Cash Clothing Replacement Allowances are paid to enlisted members upon the anniversary month each successive year following the provision of an initial clothing allowance. Cash clothing replacement allowances are for replacement of required uniform items based on a normal wear rate.
Cash Clothing Replacement Allowances
Army   Type
  Basic Standard Special
Male $327.60 $468.00 $0
Female $349.20 $496.80 $0
Navy Male $320.40 $457.20 $648.00
Female $327.60 $468.00 $669.60
Air Force Male $248.40 $352.80 $0
Female $252.00 $360.00 $0
Marine Corps Male $403.20 $601.20 $0
Female $392.40 $576.00 $0
Coast Guard ** See Table Below (Coast Guard members are paid a monthly Clothing Maintenance Allowance
  • Extra Clothing Allowances are additional to initial and replacement allowances and do not reduce, replace or otherwise affect them. Extra Clothing Allowances cover unusual circumstances when an enlisted member may require additional uniform items or when an officer (with a permanent duty station outside the United States) or enlisted member may require civilian clothing to perform his or her assigned duties.
  • Military Clothing Maintenance Allowance (Enlisted Coast Guard Only)
    • Basic: This allowance provides for continued replacement and maintenance of uniquely military items that would normally require replacement during the first 3 years of active duty.
    • Standard: This allowance provides for continued replacement and maintenance of unique military items that would normally require replacement after completion of 3 years of active duty.
Military Clothing Maintenance Allowance
  Male Female
Type of Duty Basic Standard Basic Standard
Active (monthly) $26.78 $38.26 $28.24 $40.34
Reserve (per drill) $4.31 $6.16 $4.90 $6.99

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