Military Pay

Computing Retired Military Pay

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There are various provisions of law under which the computation may be made, but retired pay is generally computed either on length of service or on a percentage of disability. If you are retired for disability, you may elect to have your pay computed by either method. The following is a summary of what you need to know about computing retired p... more

The Military Retirement System

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If you are considering making the military a career — or you have already made that decision, and just want to know more about your benefits — then this will be of special interest to you. This article looks at the current Military Retirement Systems and the choices facing most today's active duty members. The following is a summary of what you... more

Military Salary - Pay Overview

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Now available: The Military Pay App. has launched a new app that allows you instantaneous access to information about your pay and allowances from your mobile device. Get the free app for Android or iOS. Currently, the military compensation system has over 70 separate types of pay and allowances -- that's a lot to keep track of. ... more

Act Now: Tell Congress to Support the Troops

Senate lawmakers completed their draft of the FY16 defense bill; unfortunately, several administration-proposed cuts to military compensation and benefits are included. Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) asks you to tell your elected officials to not to break faith with those who have served. Read more about it at more

Navy 2015 Aviation Bonus Announced

The Navy recently announced the fiscal year 2015 Aviation Department Head Retention Bonus (ADHRB) for active duty aviators and for full time support (FTS) aviators. ADHRB provides incentives to retain skilled pilots and naval flight officers (NFO) to fill critical aviation billets and is part of the Aviation Career Continuation Pay (ACCP) program. Active duty officers who sign ADHRB contracts incur five years of obligated service. Active duty ... more

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