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2014 Military Pay Charts

December 2013 Update: Pay Charts for 2014 President Obama has proposed a 1% increase in military pay for 2014. The pay raise will be in effect when the 2014 defense budget is signed off on. Below are links to military pay and drill pay tables for 2014. - The 2014 Military Pay Charts - The 2014 Reserve/Guard Pay Charts Factors That Affect... more

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Guard and Reserve Deployment: Pay Benefits

Basic Pay: All servicemembers receive basic pay. It is the bulk of their pay, and it is based on rank and length of service. As a member of the Guard or reserve your basic pay is based on your paygrade and the number of drill periods (4 hours each) you serve each month. Regular weekend drills are paid on a 2 drill period per day basis. So each... more

Clothing Allowances

To help pay for a member's uniform and other clothing costs, you may be given a clothing allowance (if appropriate clothing is not furnished). It is Department of Defense policy that the quantities and kinds of items of individual clothing to be furnished shall be prescribed by the respective Service Secretary or the Commandant of the Marine Cor... more

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2013 Military Pay Overview

Currently, the military compensation system has over 70 separate types of pay and allowances -- that's a lot to keep track of. Fortunately everything you need to know from Basic Pay, to special pay and allowances (even retired pay) can be found right here. In general annual military pay raises are linked to the increase in civilian wages. Howev... more

National Guard Pay Overview

If you're serving in the Army or Air National Guard, you're devoting weekends and special training sessions to our country's military - and in return, you receive regular drill pay and other pay benefits. Here you'll find everything you need to know about your military pay benefits. Make sure you're getting everything you've earned. If you are ... more

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