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The American Muslim Council - A Wahhabi Front
The American Muslim Council - A Wahhabi Front


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October 9, 2003

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By Robert G. Williscroft

You heard it here first.

In "The Wahhabi Trojan Horse in the U.S. Military" (DefenseWatch, Mar. 23, 2003), I discussed the general problem of vetting Muslim chaplains in the U.S. military, and the apparent fact that this vetting is controlled by the violent Wahhabi branch of Islam. I also looked more closely at the underlying network of individuals and organizations that form the backdrop for the vetting organization, Islamic Society of North America (ISNA): the Graduate School of Islamic and Social Sciences (GSISS), the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), and World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY). In "The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing" (DefenseWatch, Sep. 24, 2003), I examined the most recent consequence of this problem with the arrest of Army chaplain Capt. Yousef Yee.

It turns out that another organization belongs to this list, an organization that fooled even this writer: the American Muslim Council (AMC). Its founder and leader, Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi, aka Abdurahman Alamoudi, was arrested on Sept. 28 for terrorist-related activities.

Al-Amoudi was initially charged with failing to notify the U.S. State Department of numerous trips to Libya as required by law, and with illegally accepting $10,700 from the Libyan mission to the United Nations. Al-Amoudi used two U.S. passports and a Yemeni passport for at least ten trips to Libya. Furthermore, last month British customs officials found $340,000 in sequentially numbered $100 bills in al-Amoudi's luggage. According to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) affidavit, the money originated in Libya and was intended for distribution in Syria "where groups like Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and several members of [the] al-Qaeda organization had sneaked to Iraq from Syria."

Although al-Amoudi denies the charges, the preliminary evidence was sufficiently convincing that U.S. Magistrate Judge Theresa Buchanan at the U.S. District Court in Alexandria, Va., ordered al-Amoudi held without bail pending a detention hearing on Tuesday, Sept. 30. Following that hearing, Judge Buchanan ordered holding al-Amoudi in custody until his trial.

Who is this Abdul Rahman al-Amoudi, aka Abdurahman Alamoudi?

He is the guy who exhorted the crowd attending an anti-Israel protest outside the White House on Oct. 28, 2000, with: "I have been labeled by the media in New York as being a supporter of Hamas. Anybody supporters of Hamas here?" The crowd cheered wildly. "Hear that, Bill Clinton? We are all supporters of Hamas .... I wish they added that I am also a supporter of Hezbollah."

He is a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Eritrea, a small country on the horn of Africa with Sudan to the north and west, Ethiopia to the south, and the Red Sea to the east. He was a senior executive of several of the Herndon, Va., charities that were raided in March 2002 by law enforcement agents seeking evidence that the network of interlocking organizations was funneling money to terrorist groups, as described in "The Wahhabi Trojan Horse in the U.S. Military" .

He is the guy who in 1997, according to Special Agent Brett Gentrup - as reported by The Washington Post, first approached the Libyan ambassador to the United Nations to seek financial backing for his U.S.-based "charity" organizations. At subsequent meetings, Abuzed O. Dorda, who was the Libyan Ambassador to the U.N. at that time, promised Alamoudi an unspecified share of any Libyan assets he succeeded in getting released by the United States. Then, according to Gentrup, al-Amoudi commenced a series of meetings with White House officials about the Libyan sanctions. When Dorda was recalled by Libya on Sept. 17, his replacement Ahmed A. Own said, "I have never heard of this matter."

He is the man who organized a meeting between himself and 160 members of his AMC with President Bush's senior advisor, Karl Rove, to discuss faith-based initiatives.

He is the person who, according to former AMC treasurer Ali Kahn, totally controlled both the affairs and finances of the AMC, and frequently brought in large sums of money that apparently came from the Saudis.

He is founder of the American Muslim Foundation, which created the American Muslim Armed Forces and Veteran Affairs Council which then usurped the Muslim chaplain vetting process and recommended Yusef Yee to the U.S. Army.

He is the man, despite his innocuous trappings which are carefully designed to lull his supporters into glassy-eyed unawareness, whose interlocking organizations eventually all lead back to Wahhabi sources, Wahhabi money, and Wahhabi doctrine.

He is the man who duped senior U.S. military members into giving him virtually total control of who becomes a Muslim chaplain in the U.S. military.

It took a while, but we finally got him. Now we need to turn our attention to the rest of his carefully structured terrorist engine. The bottom line must be: No more terrorist spies masquerading as spiritual counselors for our men and women under arms.

Robert G. Williscroft is a DefenseWatch Senior Editor. He can be reached at defensewatch@argee.net. 2003 DefenseWatch. All opinions expressed in this article are the author's and do not necessarily reflect those of Military.com.



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