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Black Military History Directory - Homepage Black History Month: Honoring Those Who Dared to Dream

For Black History Month, Military.com has assembled resources and features on black military history. Learn about the obstacles that black servicemembers have overcome, and read about their valiant deeds and achievements.

Military.com Black History Month
The Tuskegee Airmen
Find a brief history of this groundbreaking World War II air crew, anecdotes from former members, technical data and links to other Tuskegee resources.

Black Military History Archive
We've compiled profiles of famous and little-known black servicemembers who have exemplified courage, valor and dedication in their trailblazing achievements.

The Porter Family
A successful African-American military family reflects on its heritage and the lessons it has learned.

Military.com Black History Month
Black History Month E-Cards
Celebrate Black History Month by sending a free E-card to friends and family.

Black Military History Directory
From the American Revolution to Desegregation and Black Advocacy programs, our directory features links to the best resources on the Web relating to black military history.
General Black History Guides
The American Revolution and Civil War
Buffalo Soldiers and World War I
World War II and the Korean War
Desegregation and Advocacy

Trivia Challenge
Throughout the month, the Military.com Daily Trivia Contest will feature questions pertaining to black military history. Test your knowledge, and earn chances to win a free prize.

Black Military History Books - Find a book on everything from the Buffalo Soldiers to famous black World War II units.

Featured Articles

Contribute your own story or article to Black History Month. Do you have thoughts about Black History Month? Or want to pay tribute to a fellow servicemember or veteran? Send in your stories here.

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"Anything Is Possible"

"African American Persistence"

"Quiet Hero"


"Migration to Success"


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