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A Veteran's Story is a part of Military.com's Living History Project, which is committed to telling the history of our men and women in uniform by preserving their own stories and photos. Send us your story!

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Dennis Belcastro
669th Transportation Co.
"There is no way the intensity and horror of this ambush can be effectively portrayed today."
Mike Braun
3/7/199th Infantry Brigade
"Neither side booby-trapped the dike because neither side wanted to fight the knee-deep mud."
R. Dalton Buster
Excerpt from "The Walking Dead," Written & Published by R. Dalton Buster.
Marshall Darling
First Air Cavalry
"'Get the hell out of here!' the door gunner yelled to his pilot. 'We are taking incoming fire!'"
  Cpl. Tom Evans
"Mortarmen do one thing in the infantry better than anyone else -- they hump equipment, carrying heavy loads everywhere."
Tom Fowler
Tom Fowler arrived in Hoa Air Base on April 12, 1969 and arrived back in the U.S. on March 31, 1970.
Bob Hersey
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
Cooking For K Troop – My Life with the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment in Vietnam.
Michael J. Horton
14th Engineer Battalion (Combat)
"The wind whipped my pantlegs as I stood with the others on the tarmac at Travis AFB."
  James Mueller
During Tet, 1968, Army clerk-typist James Mueller learned "being a soldier first" was more than a basic-training slogan.
Sgt. Barry E. Prowell
Company A, 2/8 4th Infantry
"You either live or die. Life is very uncluttered and pretty straight forward."
Jim Schueckler
192nd Assault Helicopter Company
"The calendar said 'December 24, 1969,' but it didn't feel much like Christmas Eve."
Robert Scott
"There have been times in my life when I haven’t acted all that bright. This is one of those times."

Letters Home
Cpl. Stephen E. Austin
1/27 Marines
"One of my best friends who I met in Hawaii was shot twice in the stomach and he died."
Peter F. Fegatelli
Company D, 151st Infantry
"Peter was an outstanding soldier and a sincere friend to all the members of the unit."


Jim Schueckler
"Soon we were heading towards the mountains with a Huey full of mail, food, Christmas cargo, and two American young women."

Tom Fowler
"Fortunately, the firefight, such as it was, did not last long and nobody inside our company area was hurt."


The average cost per B-52 mission during Vietnam was $41,421, with an average of 27 tons of munitions dropped.
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