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Robert Scott,
US Army, Vietnam

Hue Beachhead. (Robert Scott)

Our LCU is sitting on the beachhead at Hue City during the ’68 Tet offensive. Our load, like that on the other four boats, consists of 200 ton of ammo. There’s not much the crew can do but watch. We receive small arms fire from across the Perfume River, and occasional mortar fire – a very good spotter is in a tower near the east side of the Citadel. We can see him now and then with glasses, but direct fire weapons are ineffectual, and every time someone gets lucky with a rifle, a replacement takes over in a few minutes. That tower has been shelled and bombed to no effect – centuries old stonework is pretty strong.

I discovered a way to make extra money – and to help our supply system. I take pictures of combat when I’m able (like now), and sell or trade them with the Remington Raiders at Da Nang. They in turn send them home in letters to prove that they are really in a war.

There have been times in my life when I haven’t acted all that bright. This is one of those times.

I’m on the Starboard .50 when 60 mm mortars start walking down the beach toward the boats. The first one hit near a Marine guard post, the rest hit about every 10 yards, walking toward us. I take pictures. If I can capture the blossom it’s worth more. I get a very good shot of the round that hits 30 yards away. I figure to get the next one at 20 yards, than duck. I hear the round leave the tube, count to eleven and click the shutter. The world turns black, then yellow, white, red, and black.

I come to on my back in the wheelhouse where I was blown. I see white, then red. My vision clears slowly and I make out white cloth coming down to my face and going away red. Something is very wrong here.

It seems that sneaky SOB was watching me, and as a practical joke, skipped 30 yards. The round hit our M60 – blew it to bits (we saved the bits, and a Marine armorer actually fixed it!). That was about 10 feet from my head. That round also killed a sailor two boats down and wounded another of our crew.

I had been wearing a flack vest and steal pot. I had several holes in my face, left arm, and left leg, but nothing really serious. I was evacuated from the soccer stadium and rejoined the boat about a week later – AWOL from the hospital.

Oh – the camera was totaled, the film lost.
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Jim Schueckler
"Soon we were heading towards the mountains with a Huey full of mail, food, Christmas cargo, and two American young women."

Tom Fowler
"Fortunately, the firefight, such as it was, did not last long and nobody inside our company area was hurt."


The average cost per B-52 mission during Vietnam was $41,421, with an average of 27 tons of munitions dropped.
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