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The Bio/Chem Threat
Since the devastating attacks of September 11, the American public has become increasingly concerned with the threat of biological and chemical attacks: gas masks have become hot sellers, as have antibiotics rumored to combat anthrax.

  Sec. Rumsfeld's address to the troops
  Army Secretary, chief address the Army
  Air Force chief, secretary thank heroes
  Gen. Jones message to the Marine Corps
  Sec. England's message to the Navy

Geographic Gaffe Misguides Anthrax Inquiry
The postmarks on the deadly letters laced with anthrax made clear from the start that they came from Trenton. But tracing the origin of the strain of anthrax that killed five people last fall has been a far murkier venture. And it now turns out that scientists and investigators have been on the wrong trail all along.

Norfolk command overseeing homeland defense for now
Despite the Bush administration's apparent plan to create a new military structure for homeland defense, the Norfolk-based U.S. Joint Forces Command will figure prominently in domestic security efforts for at least a few more months, defense officials suggested Tuesday.

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