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Black Military History - The Tuskegee Airmen (Related Links)

The Tuskegee Planes

The all-black 332 Fighter Group flew more different kinds of fighter planes than any other group during WWII. While not so challenging for the pilots, who say that once you know how to fly one plane, you can pretty much fly them all, it placed extreme pressure on the mechanics who had to service these planes.

"The mechanics really did a yeoman's job of keeping our planes in tip-top shape," says Sam Broadnax. "It was extremely difficult to learn the schematics of completely different engines, and be able to jump from one type of engine to the other."

Tuskegee mechanics had some of the best mechanical records of WWII. The mechanics often worked round-the-clock, sleeping in shifts in the airplane hangers where they were working. The mess hall would bring food out to them, so they would not be delayed a single second from finishing their work on the planes.

Some of the planes the Airmen used include:
  • P-39 (engine behind pilot)
  • P-40 (inline engine)
  • P-47 (air-cooled radial engine in front of pilot)
  • P-51 (the famous Tuskegee "Red Tails")

Equipment Guide

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Contributed by Melissa T. Miller and Military.com Researcher Sean O'Melveny

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