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Black Military History Directory - General Links

Black Military History - Guides and General Histories

Lest We Forget - African American Military History - Extensive archive includes articles, personal histories, and individual biographies. Includes links to many related sites.

DoD Celebrates African-American History Month - Read personal reminiscences and retrospectives, and link to military sites featuring black history articles.

African Military History - Site is divided into WWII and pre-WWII sections, and also includes bios of historic black military figures.

African Americans in Military History - Extensive bibliography compiled by Maxwell Air Force Base features listings for books, articles, Internet resources, videos and print media relating to African-Americans in the U.S. military.

African-American Warriors - Read profiles of famous black servicemembers, organized by eras and wars.

In Our Country's Service - Features an overview of key events dating back to the Colonial Period, and includes a catalog of black units and a list of Congressional Medal of Honor recipients.

Africana.com - Blacks in the American Military - Long article touches on the key events of the African-American's experience in the Armed Services.

African-American Freedom Fighters - Soldiers for Liberty - Offers a history of African American participation in every war from the Revolutionary war to the Gulf Conflict. Includes profiles of important figures and an excellent bibliography.

Real African American Heroes - Provides a complete list of African American Medal of Honor Winners, and includes bios on current African American military leaders and astronauts.

African American Photograph Museum and Registry - Site allows African American veterans and active-duty personnel to post their photographs. Software installation required.

NARA - Military Resources: Blacks in the Military - Presents a series of articles with advice on how research African-American military history, utilizing NARA's extensive database.

Black Military History - Branch Histories

African Americans in Army History - Profiles African-American trailblazers and provides several galleries of photos from WWII. Also includes regimental histories.

African Americans and the U.S. Navy - The Naval Historical Center features an extensive collection of photographs and profiles of historical figures. View recruitment posters aimed at African Americans.

The Men of Montfort Point - The First Black Marines - Learn about the first black marines and the difficulties they faced both overseas and at home. Includes a selection of photos.

Black Aviation Enterprise - Commercial site includes a growing collection of articles relating to African Americans in the Air Force.

African Americans in the Coast Guard: Photo Gallery - Peruse a gallery of photographs featuring famous African Americans from the Coast Guard.

Black History - General Guides

Encyclopedia Britannica Guide to Black History - Explore an archive of the encyclopedia's material pertaining to the African American experience. Includes hundreds of BIOS and articles.

AFRO-American Almanac - Offers an extensive collection of BIOS, a repository of historical documents, and highlights of important events.

The African American Journey - PBS - Links to dozens of PBS stories relating to African American history from slavery to the Civil Rights Movement.

The African American Mosaic - Library of Congress exhibit traces the history of blacks in the U.S. through the nineteenth century. See historical documents and read personal accounts.

Black Facts - Searchable database allows users to look up Black History facts for every day of the year.

Black History at NARA - The National Archives and Records Administration presents exhibits on black history, from slavery through desegregation.

Black History Month - Thomson Gale - Features in-depth profiles of both historical and contemporary African-American figures. Also offers a quiz and a historical timeline.

African American History - World History Archive - Database offers documents dating back to the American Revolution. Includes political, economic, and social history.

Celebrating Black History - familyeducation.com - Educational site offers a variety of resources for exploring black history and genealogy. Includes quizzes and student activities.

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