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Black Military History Directory - Late 19th Century and World War I

Black Military History - The Buffalo Soldiers

Buffalo Soldiers on the Western Frontier - Learn about the formation of the unit, and examine aspects of the solders' daily life. Includes a list of Congressional Medal of Honor recipients.

Exploding Myths of the Frontier - Smithsonian exhibit examines the legacy of the Buffalo soldiers through scholarly articles.

Buffalo Soldiers and Indian Wars - Examines the participation of black soldiers in the Civil war and in the wars against Native-Americans. Includes an events timeline.

Buffalo Soldiers at San Juan Hill - Short essay argues that black soldiers were at the center of the pivotal 1898 Spanish-American War battle.

Exploring the Life and History of the Buffalo Soldiers - NARA - The National Archives and Records Administration offers a guide to scholars studying the participation of African American troops in the 19th Century.

Buffalo Soldiers.net - Commercial site offers a gallery of photographs and several interesting BIOS of African American soldiers.

Another Westerner - Artist Kay Little, Sr. presents a gallery of his Buffalo soldier art.

Black Military History - World War I

Scott's Official History of the American Negro in the World War - This site provides an entire book written in 1919 that chronicles the participation of black Americans in World War I. Includes lists of black officers and chaplains.

African Americans in World War I - NARA exhibit focuses on the 369th Army Regiment, providing historical documents and photos. Includes classroom study questions.

No Negroes Allowed: Segregation at the Front in World War I - Details the indignities suffered by African American troops during the Great War. Read a German propaganda notice appealing to black American troops.

World War I and Postwar Society - Learn how the black experience in WWI affected cultural and political movements after the war.

Lieutenant James Reese Europe - Examines how the wartime experience of this jazz pioneer inspired his musical compositions. Includes several music files.

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