Special Ops Boat Teams Conduct Live-Fire Training


Sailors with Special Boat Team (SBT) Twenty-Two, Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman (SWCC) conducted a dynamic live-fire at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point Naval Boat Docks, 21 Feb, 2019. Sailors with SBT 22 increased their proficiency whilst utilizing the 11 meter rigid inflatable boat (RIB). SBT 22 favors the RIB’s capability to provide a constant rate of fire while attaining high-speeds and delivering maneuverability. The RIB contains two weapon stations that are capable of mounting either medium or heavy machine guns. Sailors with SBT 22 find it beneficial to train aboard Cherry Point due to the dynamic weather conditions that provide the team with diverse challenges.

U.S. Marine Corps Video by Sgt. Cody H. Shepard