Short Guys Can Swim Sub 8 Min CSS Too!


    Too many people tell me that because they are short that they cannot swim as fast as a taller person. Well here is proof to the contrary. Optimally speaking taller people have an advantage in pulling more water / kicking with more power BUT I have seen many guys well below 6ft in height swim 6-8 min zone on the 500yd combat swimmer stroke / side stroke. ALL TECHNIQUE and CONDITIONING...

    We are NOT trying to make Olympians - we are trying to get people proficient in the water for Spec Ops jobs

    Combat Swimmer Stroke - breakdown. Kick off the wall, double arm pull, CSS stroke cycle of Pull, breathe, kick, glide.

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    Top arm pull is a freestyle arm pull.

    Bottom arm is more similar to a breast stroke scull (not a full stroke to your side) BREATHE during the bottom arm pull.

    Turn to breathe - do not lift your head up to breathe.

    Kick can either be a scissor kick or a breast stroke kick BUT when swimming with fins you need to learn scissor / flutterkicks.

    Kick hard / pull hard = glide fast.

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    You don't have to be a competitive swimmer to ace Spec Ops Training, you just need to be good and comfortable in the water.

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