Spetsnaz Seizes Criminal Group

Special forces seize criminal group A group suspected of criminal activities were detained by Russian special forces on Tuesday as part of a sweeping crackdown on organized crime in the Moscow region. The group, suspected of committing robbery and blackmail, were arrested during an operation by a Special Rapid Response (Rus) Police Unit. During the raid police found an unregistered pistol, eight rounds of pistol ammunition and stolen documents. Police say the suspects stole a Porsche car, wristwatch, documents and 150,000 rubles (€ 4,000/ $ 4,000) from a Moscow businessman in 2012. The suspects involvement in other crimes is currently being investigated, with one of the detainees also having a previous robbery conviction. 'Rus' are the elite unit of the Russian Interior Ministry's Special Forces, and an increase in funding and equipment has led to increased success in fighting organized crime in the region. http://www.ruptly.tv/

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